‘IMPASSE DAY’ Novel: Alpha-Readers Wanted


(Novel – political thriller/hard science-fiction)


My new novel Impasse Day is at the ‘alpha test’ phase.

It’s a near-future political thriller with a hard science-fiction bent. It has a lot of threads and a rich cast (think Game Of Thrones amount of story going on).

I need fast readers to help ‘alpha test’ it.

In English, ‘alpha test’ (it’s a software term) means:

* This is a warts-and-all draft

* I’m still working on it as you’re reading it. So at least one plot thread will be altered slightly!

* I’m still prepared to make directional changes in it (a bit). When it gets to ‘beta test’ phase I’m only fixing typos and grammos! 🙂


* Impasse Day is a ‘brick’ – it’s 640 pages in full-size ‘trim’, about 680 pages on an average e-reader (though shorter if you don’t have massive line-spacing like I like!). So you need to be a fast reader who eats big books.

* It has STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE. There are no sex scenes but there is violence on and off stage throughout the story.

I have a couple of trusty alpha-readers already on the case, but I could use as many as possible? PLEASE? 🙂

If you think you could finish it by mid-March (at the latest) this year 2019, email me at:


and I’ll send you an EPUB (and a PDF).

I need comments on:

* What you ENJOY and LIKE about Impasse Day!

* Anything that BORES, ANNOYS or PUZZLES you!

* Typos

* Grammos

* Characters who get lost

* Threads that get lost

* Violations of Chekhov’s Rule: something that you thought would reappear later but vanished

* Repeat’os: anywhere I’ve said something twice without it being justified

* Contradict’os: anywhere something is contradicted later

* Ghost’os: somebody stars speaking but at no point was actually introduced

* Smug’os: a character demonstrates too much familiarity with the other characters or with the reader, without earning the right

* Zombo’s: a character has no personality whatsoever

* Walking Dead Dialogue: characters ramble-on at length about nothing and your eyes glaze over


In return:

* I have not money to offer, BUT, I’m sure I can do food/gift vouchers for your favourite eatery, Amazon gifts or fluffy things through the mail. Name your poison!

* You’ll get a mention in the back pages of the finished product, and if you’re an author I’m happy to put links to your author page (just specify it for me!).


Jon Swords-Holdsworth

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