Github are done, move to Gitlab or elsewhere.

Github is done. Remove any projects you have from Github, as soon as possible. I deleted my own account just then.

For those who came in late:

Microsoft have just acquired Github for nearly $8 billion, completely invalidating any purpose Github ever served.

There is a giant exodus (13 thousand projects at writing, and climbing) to Gitlab, and MS already have shills posting on Gitlab’s Twitter feed trying to slow the bleeding. It’s not working, the migration is accelerating as the news spreads.

Gitlab are far from perfect. Google has a big stake in them, and they endorse ‘Modern’ rubbish like DevOps. Their site is also not easy to use (not that Github’s was).

But currently Gitlab are the lifeboat. Others will emerge.




Gitlab migration (from Github) assistance page:

It will try and sell you on their commercial options (which, who knows, you may want) but the free option is always available. These sites work by having a huge population of free projects, most of which stagnate but give the site its legitimacy in the first place. Then on top of that they maintain a very large population of commercial projects which bring in a substantial revenue. This is precisely how Github worked (and why MS felt it was worth $8 billion of their own dwindling revenue.) Don’t feel guilty about using the free option, it’s what props them up.


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