A Real Life Super-Villain’s Fortress In Tasmania

Egad and curses! I never got any photos of it myself, even though the whole reason I know about this thing is that I drove past it and went “What the actual f***!?

The place is on Boomer Island, in Boomer Bay, Tasmania, and I hope that the owner, one Mr. Gunter Jaeger, does not take offence at being referred to as a “Super Villain”, but given the context … I mean come on.

This is cool. This is ridiculously cool.

I mean, just look at it.

Not moody enough for you? Try it in context, waaay off in the distance …

… mhmm?

Yes ok, the structure is sinfully ugly in some ways, but that’s not the point. The point is the way it sits out there in the open. The point is the way it looms and lurks out from behind the hills and over the ocean.

The point is that it’s a castle. The point is that it’s on a private island.

The point is how it looks on a satellite view …

It’s hexagonal. For gods’ sakes it’s hexagonal!

And it was supposed to have turrets on its vertexes, but hit planning issues!

“Robot sentries are mounted here. They are fire-proof and made out of case-hardened tungsten and titanium, capable of firing hyper-velocity depleted uranium shells at 8,000 rounds per minute.”

So we won’t be going that way, Commander?”

No. We will sneak in via the sewers. Which brings us to the patrolling submarine drones …”

Who built it? Who is Herr Jaeger?

Gunter Jaeger. The guy’s name is Gunter M*********ing Jaeger. Jaeger even means Hunter in German. If he’s not a Super-Villain already then somebody needs to damn well employ him to be their Super-Villain representative. Maybe that’s how he made his cash?

He is difficult to find out anything about – the normal search engines have failed me. Is the man even still alive? Who knows? (Hey if you do know, please tell us!)

Anyway. He was the owner of the historic Hope & Anchor pub in Hobart until 2014, at least we know that much …

So go there, drink some and ask somebody. Maybe he’ll even drop in if he’s around and not shooting down satellites …

[Featured image by Sharka Todd. Satellite imagery (c) Google Earth. All other images, click through for attributions.]